Change is a daily choice

Today I made these great scrambled eggs. I whipped cage-free brown gorgeous eggs in my copper bowl. I added some of my new Kelp Seasoning to sneak in some natural iodine that was going to be good for me and my tribe which all were O+ blood types (with the exception of my hubby, but it would have still been good for him.) They came out fluffy and scrummy (that’s scrumptions and yummy). For each serving, I chopped up a chicken sausage stuffed with asiago and some spinach. (Asiago isn’t really on my list to eat, but my hubby had bought it and so that’s what was on hand to eat — in all truth, it was delicious.)

So, I serve my kiddos and two of my boys snub their noses to the breakfast I had made of GOOD solid nutritional food. I even tried cutting some grapefruits and had them all ready to serve as a reward for powering thru the sausage. Nope. Tears from the six year old (who was hungry and just too stubborn to eat the good food provided) and sulking from the 11-year-old who just didn’t want to eat it for whatever reason. So, I put away the good food I had made and knew that it would be a snack later in the day for one of us.

The hardest part right now is not eating right for myself, but getting my tribe on board. My husband, thankfully, is supportive and he’s already seen his blood sugars stabilize (he’s diabetic) which is awesome. Every day is a choice to eat right. And I hope that my children will come around soon as they have the same path of choices before them.

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