Happy New Year! Our wish for you…

15799869_457258704662563_313940544616282929_oIt’s officially 2017 today. The first day of a brand new spank’n year! Hooray!

Our wish for you in the coming year…

• May you grow in knowledge and understanding about how your body works and in relationship to food.

• May you be encouraged to take one step each day to give your body food that nurtures it through good nutrition.

• May you commit to logging your food (write down or put in an app like Lose It) for accountability on portions, calories, and nutrients going into your body (or not).

• May you be inspired to make some food swaps this year where you choose to eat something healthy instead of something unhealthy. Not talking about diet food swaps … we are talking about permanent-I’m-never-going-back-to-that kind of food swaps. Real. Life. Change.

• May you grow a vegetable this year (in a pot or a garden) without any chemicals put on it that you have never grown before and then actually eat it.

PCOS bites. We get it, because we know first-hand what it feels like to get adult acne, to battle how hard it is to lose a pound, or to sigh as you see your hair thin on your head when you want lush thick hair instead. We know what it feels like to be judged by others in society who haven’t walked in our shoes. But we also know that just because we battle PCOS, we don’t have to let PCOS win.  That’s why we created PCOSbites — a place where you can find recipes and inspiration and education on food nutrition specifically for helping PCOS.

If you make small incremental changes each day, day-by-day, over time, suddenly you will look up and realize you’ve turned a corner.  You can do this. You’re not alone. We’re in this together!



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