Are you eating Cancer-Fighting Heart-Healthy Red Onion?

When my husband had a heart attack earlier this year, we really took a hard look at what we were consuming for foods to see if we could dial it in a little bit more. Come to find out, even the “healthy” foods like some salads that we ate while eating out were STILL too high in sodium! (The American Heart Association recommends around 1500 mg of sodium a day for the average adult. Source)

So, what do red onions have to do with sodium daily intake? A lot! They are not only a healthier option, but they can replace the amount of salt needed in seasoning your cooked food and soups.

Did you know? Both the red and white onion contain the flavonoid quercetin, an antioxidant that might protect you from heart disease, stroke and certain cancers. Concentration of the flavonoid is greater in the dry, outer layers than the inner layers of the onion. And the red onion has higher amounts of quercetin than the white onion, according to the National Onion Association. Red onion has also anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Women with PCOS have a higher risk of ovarian cancer so eating red onion may be a good food to have in your pantry for fighting PCOS!


So today I’m putting on another batch of red onions on the dehydrator…why? Because not only are they healthy for my heart and everything I’ve already shared, but freshly dried onions make the most AMAZING tasting seasoning (onion powder) for cooking soups and on your lean meats. Just buy a bag of organic red onions from the store, slice into rings and pop onto a dehydrator at 120 degrees for about 12 hours. Dry and use a coffee grinder to break down into a powder.

To store your dehydrated red onions, simply add one moisture absorbing packet (I like these – they change color as they’re rechargeable) and seal your jar with a lid. Dehydrated foods will last about two years if stored properly. I write the date on the lid and new batches go behind others already in my pantry shelf.

Why do I make my own red onion powder? Not only is the taste fresh superb, but I can be assured that it won’t have chemicals and pesticides in it that store-bought seasonings can have depending on the brand. If you don’t have a dehydrator or don’t have time to make your own, this seasoning may work well, too.


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