I’m Erin. I’ve had PCOS since I was a pre-teen and I’m fairly convinced of it looking back now over the past almost three decades. I’ve suffered from PCOS (as I’m sure if you’re here you can relate) and I’m just plain tired of feeling horrible.  I’ve had progressive weight gain over the years to the point where I feel like it’s out of control, (it is) but struggle to lose it.  I’ve had cystic acne that hurts and I’ve struggled with the pain, scarring, and embarrassment from not having flawless skin. I’ve had ultrasounds/sonograms confirming cysts in my reproductive organs and know (probably like you) the excruciating pain when a cyst bursts. I’ve experienced the hassle of too much hair in the wrong places and hair falling out on my head that should be there. My joints and feet hurt when I eat certain foods to the point that I have had to brace myself from the pain early in the morning just getting out of bed. I’ve lost a child in utero and can relate to anyone who has felt that sorrow. Basically, I’ve come to the conclusion that PCOS bites. “Bites” meaning that we have to deal with a lot of sucky things.

But, I’m slowly waking up to the fact that I don’t have to rely on just my OBGYN, or my Dermotologist, or my Family Physician anymore for advice. I can take the reigns and run with learning from other PCOS Cysters and can perhaps change all those horrible things I deal with in PCOS by simply changing what I bite — that is, the food and supplements that go into my mouth — and that gives me hope. I’m on a mission to figure out what my body needs and I want to just feel my best. I’m sure you can relate.

This little blog, PCOS BITES, will share that journey and recipes that will hopefully help you on your journey to wellness if you, too, struggle with PCOS. If you want to follow along, simply click on the follow buttons based on the way you like to get updates from your favorite sources each day. Oh, and be forewarned, I don’t post anything unless I have something of value to share, so know that I won’t flood your feed or email in-box, but will aim for a steady trickle of ideas and encouragement. 😉

Facebook: PCOS BITES

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