Eating Out: Mastering the Menu

When perusing a menu, it can be difficult to always know how things are being prepped back in the kitchen. The following are a few terminologies to be aware of as it affects how your food is being prepared (with salt and fats).

In short…

Avoid any anything that says “fried”, “au gratin”, “crispy”, “scalloped”, “pan-fried”, “sautéed”, and/or “buttered”.

Instead look for or ask for… “Steamed”, “broiled”, “baked”, “grilled”, “poached”, and/or “roasted”.

Eating Out Tips

Bonus tip: And always ask for no-salt/no butter in your prep. You can always control the salt seasoning at the table. Many foods come pre-prepped in salty brines or salt seasoning to give them a longer shelf life from where they originate until they come out of the cooler at the restaurant. Your daily allotment for salt should be around 1500 mg according to the National Heart Association. Do your due diligence before you head into a restaurant and know which items are higher in sodium content.

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